Brighton Natural Health Centre is a relaxed and friendly environment and, whether you are turning up to class on your own or with a friend, you will always be welcomed by our friendly reception staff and teachers.

We have a range of options to suit your schedule:

  • By booking on to the beginners courses you will have the opportunity to break down the postures in detail. It will give you a solid understanding of the foundations of the practice. You will also have time to discuss any issues and questions with your teacher.
  • Taking part in the led classes will help you to develop the pace and stamina needed to keep up with the meditative rhythm that is dictated by the (counted) breath of the Astanga practice.
  • Mysore practice allows you to maintain your practice at your own level and pace (with your own breath).  The benefit of the Mysore style is that you get to practise in a room without a lot of verbal instruction, so it helps you to draw your focus inward like a moving meditation.


Level Type Day/time Details How to pay
Beginner Course Wednesday


Course length depending on the time of year. BOOK
All Levels  Drop-in, led class Monday


Every Monday. Drop in £10(£9 conc.)
Beginner + Course/Drop-in Tuesday


 Course length depending on the time of year. BOOK

Drop in 
£10       (£9 conc.)

All Levels Drop-in, led class Thursday


Every Thursday. Drop in 
£10(£9 conc.)
 Full Primary Series Drop-in, led class Friday


Every Friday. Experience of the Astanga Yoga Primary required. Drop in £10

(£9 conc.)


Level Type Day/time Details How to pay
Beginner Course Wednesdays, 8-9.30pm Courses are 8-10 weeks. BOOK
Level 1+ See right Mon-Fri, 6.30-8.30am.

Mon-Weds 9-10.30am.

No classes on Moon days.

Beginners commit to attending five days a week for one month initially, to develop a personal practice. After this time students opt to practise as often as possible and either buy a monthly class card or pay drop-in.

Mysore pass cannot be used for 9-10.30am class

BOOK or Drop in £10(£9 conc.)
Level 1+ Drop-in Saturdays, 8-10am Every Saturday. Class begins with 10 mins chanting. Your monthly class card will cover this class or you can pay drop-in BOOK or Drop in £10 (£9 conc.)